Hate | Is this subject to ‘equality’ too?

2 09 2010

Never understood this hate-crime malarkey.  For if I get stabbed by a white guy, I don’t think to myself that he has done it because he likes me.  So all this bullcrap legislation is pretty all-inclusive no matter what the spiteful motive was.  Having ‘extra punishments’ as a deterrent to crimes deemed ‘hateful’ does not make us equal before the law though, it in fact does the opposite.  And one of the most important, although trampled upon traditions our very system of Rule and Law is supposed to represent is the fact that everyone deserves the same protection under the law.

If I pound the living shit out of someone who is black, it would be deemed a hate-crime, yet if I beat the crap out of a whitey, even though I ain’t knocking three bells out of him because I like him, it is just deemed a normal crime.

Role reversal and say I was on the receiving end of the pain-train, it would be classed as a common assault no matter what the colour of my attacker.  Frankly, in a fair world, the sentencing should be the same for both.  no special treatment, no deferential treatment, just equal treatment.  It isn’t rocket science.

And I don’t even want to start on the ever-increasing encroachment upon our political-leanings.  For where do we stop?

Is a rabid hatred for anything reason for arrest?  Surely there has to be an unlawful attempt at criminality before an inquisition begins?

So a recap:  Like most violent crimes, 9 times out of 10, it is done because you hate someone, can’t imagine people beating up people they like.  So making ‘examples’ sort of makes a mockery out of equality.  Some would say it sort of gives the green light for the other to suffer.

I sometimes think that the Law Society push for all these pointless laws just to keep busy.  Back in the early days of justice, you saw a judge within the hour, evidence heard, verdict given and if punishment was deemed necessary was quick and swift.  Now the Judge, Barristers and Solicitors have put so many considerations and references upon certain crimes that it takes a small lifetime to conduct proceedings.

Worse than pimps!  These Lawturds get paid to screw man, woman, child and no doubt thin frikking air.  Instead of treating everyone equal under the law, they wish to tailor it to suit their own egomaniacal (and economic) needs.  Bloody Masons I blame.  I wouldn’t mind so much if I could dip my finger in the pie once in a while.

Law should be kept as simple to understand as possible.  Our current set of ever-increasing Statutes and EU-approved Directives leave too much room for interpretation.