The Underclass


Perfect attire for the discerning gentleman like myself

I am a hypnotic, psychotic, sub-atomic, psychopathic, hyperactive, but attractive alcoholic.

The rants and ravings of a unverifiable lunatic (the NHS has tried, Gawd’blees’um) who likes nothing more than to hang around with people who suffer  OCD (they can ‘narf go).  And with many a voice in my head am sure I’ll be able to add more sense to Life than Our Political Betters, Our Celebrated Heros and all the action in the Old Kent Road Rage Scene, it’s smashing!

In the grand scheme of things we are nothing more than Consumers at best, cannon fodder at worst. We have the ruling class and the underclass. We are nothing more than “human resources” and like all resources are here to be exploited by those at the top.

At least lets choose ones that are local to us!

MPs spent Taxpayers’ £ in 2008;

  • £540m on Various Media Advertisements
  • £7.8b on Foreign Aid
  • £500b on UK Bank Bailouts
  • £33m on a Charity Commission ffs
  • £54m on 1162 Quangos
  • $64b on Defence

All going to various Corruptibles.

No wonder the Nation is broke; we’ve been defrauded continuously since the 1900’s.

If you support the UAF – Do you not know irony?

My rantings will mainly be about the state of the Nation as no point chatting about my local football team, nearly as useless as HRH Government but the former doesn’t intrude on my life as much as the latter.

when democracy fails

150 years ago, it was the RICH FAMILIES that controlled the Earth’s trade (opium, slavery and weapons) – today it’s still the same! The working class Briton’s have suffered a lot longer than any other ethnic group on these lands. Our forefathers killed and died for the freedoms we enjoy today and after WWII was promised a land fit for Kings.

Some Land. Some Kings. Don’t listen to Cameron’s “Time for a Change” – it’s Bullshit.

We need RADICAL change. We need to start afresh. Vote all the degenerates out. Stop Common Purpose. Have an Overview of what the heck has been going on with our finances. Bring Our Boys (and Ladies) home. Withdraw from the EU. Deport ALL illegal immigrants and foreign criminals. Reinstate the Death Penalty as an option. Discipline in schools and the services. And a reverse of all the freedoms that have been taken away from us. Trim the Civil Service of all unnecessary cost. Re-equip the Armed Forces. Get the Police on the Beat once more, no more cars!

And some pictures of what Peckham used to be.


And what it is becoming.

PNAAPImage wow

Welcome to my world.



10 responses

21 10 2009
Old Holborn

We agree.

646 of them. 61 million of us.

21 10 2009
Jack the Ripper jr

61 million and counting – yet watching the BBC news reports from around the country, I’d say half of them depend on the State in one shape or form and helped put them there.

We will prevail although we’ll need to drag some of the other bastards up while stamping on the others, sadly (although gladly in the case of that Lord Mangledbum).

And we can’t beat the lawmakers with their own laws, they’ve proven that time and again OH. So until we DESTROY the Tories, Lib Dems and also the Party of Satan, we have little chance of salvation.

Once they’re out of the lawmaking process, then we may get justice. And that is what this is about. For if we can re-stablish justice and those famous checks and balances of power I used to hear about, we will only prosper as a free people in a free nation.

I applaud your stance and admire your persona, I’ve Nov 5th off so I may just join you on your walk.

May interest you this pdf link:
Memo from the 50’s regarding “coloured” Commonwealth immigration… they even knew then it wouldn’t be roses.

25 04 2010
Daniel Pitt

Have you nothing better to do in your pathetic life but preach divisive, hateful intolerance? Seriously? Grow up & get a grip.

25 04 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

I am the product of my environment Dan. An environment overseen by closet Communists and Internationalists who deemed my borough worthy of ‘cultural enrichment’. So please excuse me if I offend you but go fuck yourself.

I came to my decisions through hard-won experience, I’m 28, not 17 Dan.

7 05 2010

Ha ha. I like the guy who is using the V for Vendetta thumb. Is that an example of Communism and Fascism coming full circle? Funny thing is, as a communist I find that I agree with a lot of what you say on your blog; only difference is I’m not scare of black people.

7 05 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

I’m not fearful of ‘blacks’, I’m fearful of being ruled indefinitely by fools who see me as nothing more than a little worker. For that is what Communism is, making everyone property of the State.

So in fact, Communism and Capitalism seek the same thing, which is International Ownership of the many by the few, they just go about it differently.

Nationalism on the other hand…

1 10 2010

Nationalism on the other hand… wont make any differance, the english invented ownership of the many by the few. its what we do, its what were good at. its what we expect. open your eyes your beeing fucked by your own people eveyone else is just taking advantage of what we created.

2 10 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Thanks for that insightful comment, it’s all MY fault.

What an arse you are.

13 12 2010

I have had an epiphany.

The workload that teachers experience to justify their professionalism and their skills reminds me of Alice’s conversation with the Red Queen:
“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

I, fortunately, having made a career as a professional guest teacher, do not have to run around ticking every box in sight. Fortunately also, it gives me time to reflect upon and review my and others’ pedagogy and the cause and manner of the restraints put upon good, effective, successful and creative teachers and learners. These shackles are expansive, profound and largely pointless. They successfully destroy both individuality and passion. They Make fitters out of mechanics

This led me into conversation with medical practitioners who were experiencing similar frustrations as teachers, the police and those in the arts.
In a complex society we, I suppose, need effective protocols to ensure efficiency, equality, transparency, safety blah blah blah.
But, as Eugene McCarthy said:
” The only thing that saves us from the bureaucracy is its inefficiency. An efficient bureaucracy is the greatest threat to liberty.” Time magazine, Feb. 12, 1979.

In 1969, I was in South Africa, at University. I was National director of Drama for NUSAS. I was asked by the SU of the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg to produce a satirical comedy show for a charity event. Three nights.
In conversation with my co-producer and the team I suggested ” Why don’t we put on a multi-racial show to a multi-racial audience” in a light-hearted and innocent sort of way ( tongue-in-cheek as Apartheid seemed to rule supreme).
“You can’t do that!” Now there is one thing that gets me going is a block to progress just because it hasn’t tried/done/been successful before, especially when nobody could offer a good reason to my question “Why not?”.
I honestly tried to explore the concept legally. I was told that I would need the express written permission from 13 different government ministers (not just from their departments). Pointless, immoral, racist and bureaucratic nonsense.
We put on the show anyhow: In the audience there were three members of the SB. All went well.
The world did not come to a grinding halt. There were no riots, rapes or robberies. I was, however arrested by the special branch and accused of breaking the immorality act, the group areas act and the right of assembly act and others I can’t remember plus I was accused of attempting to undermine the whole structure of society (which I guess I was). They assumed I was a communist, an anarchist; No, just rational. I used humour throughout my interview. They wanted me to feel afraid. I couldn’t comply.

The upshot of all of this history, past and present, has stimulated me to design and sell mugs and T-shirts to highlight and ameliorate (albeit frivolously) the corporate rage and frustration experienced by professionals.

What are your feelings about bureaucracy? What are your experiences, your frustrations?

14 12 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

I admire the holidays teachers get, although being surrounded by young minds in energetic bodies all day, no doubt those holidays are well justified.

Many thanks for the comment, and with the vocabulary you display, I would have been blessed to have had a teacher like yourself.

As you wrote, we do live in complex societies and need certain mechanisms to maintain said systems which involves having people insuring, checking and delivering the paperwork.

Problems arise when it becomes faceless. An American term is ‘passing the buck’ and it has been a gradual process to ensure that no one gets the blame anymore.

Thankfully, I have only suffered from poor misgovernment due to Southwark Council’s scorched earth policy of recruitment so the bureaucracy surrounding me is about as effective as a blind man at a poker tournament.

Problem is, we’re damned if we do (have an effective bureaucracy), and damned if don’t (have an effective bureaucracy), although if we didn’t, I must stress that we’d be on a par with Somalia.

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