Disclaimer & Copyright

These thoughts are mine and mine alone.  I do not write on behalf on anyone or any organisation unless I’m paid for it.  The comments are entirely the responsibility of the authors writing them.  I will keep the moderation to a minimum and may never reply.

This blog costs me nothing to operate, pays me nothing in return and most probably contains just as much.  You find something though, you’re welcome to steal it.

If you wish to contact me, send a letter c/o Santa and I’ll get back to you.  (or just leave a comment and I most probably will answer it – even if you didn’t ask a question).  If on the other hand you wish to sue me for slander, good bloody luck, I’ve not got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.  On paper anyway.

Under Constant Construction

Suffer from the lazy form of OCD where instead of cleaning my refurbished Estate, I post innocuous comments on other people’s blogs but have noticed that none are from my beloved Peckham, bastion of the South (although overrun now).

Profanity, blasphemy, libel and abuse usually foam from my mouth but here I have a delete button and will make use of it.  Sometimes I may miss out one or two but apologize beforehand as I’m English and have something called “Manners”.  Look it up.  You’d be surprised how the world can be even if we show manners to our enemies.  Now, if someone kicks you in the nuts, well by all means, manners, decency and any holy thoughts of forgiveness are flung out of the window and rightly so, so don’t kick my balls and I won’t kick yours!


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