JRjr’s Peckham

My blood has been in Southwark since the 1600s at least.  My ancestors are from far and wide but I have a strong connection to these lands, well, paving and potholes now but I am in London.

And before anyone says I’m a mongrel, we all are in some shape or form otherwise, well, it’ll be like those films about Rednecks in the Woods, you know, the ‘retarded’ ones.

We have 2 parents, giving us 4 grandparents, giving us 8 great-grandparents, giving us 16 great-great grandparents, giving us 32 great-great-great grandparents, giving us 64 great-great-great-great grandparents.  So in six generations we are a combination of 36 genes (hopefully yet it’ll explain the large amount of Labour supporters).

Now I’m no scientist (I was the kid who use to muck about with the potassium) but over time, we have gotten healthier, taller, stronger.  We are the product of 200 years work of 64 people.  If immigration was stemmed severely, I’ve no doubt in less than 3 generations, Britain would be British again with all but the crazies left sprouting their harmless trash (think those preachers at the market screaming at ya).

Meanwhile, have a gander at the wonderful area that is Peckham.

The Library - many millions spent, built by some fancy fellow

Now closed.

The Harrods of the High Street

Who needs Versace when we can get nat's-piss

No frills shopping.  Bring your own containers
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