Concrete Jungle | Lewisham and the Lord

20 11 2010

A former Tory MP for Lewisham in the 90s who now happens to sit in the House of Lords has inadvertently(?) had a pop at his former electorate.  John Maples, or as noble’d, free-from-election-process Baron Maples of Stratford-upon-Avon was comparing the past illiterate and immigrant inhabitants he had to woe to the ones he currently Lords over.

“One was three square miles of concrete. Lewisham did not have an identity with Lewisham and I don’t think many people knew which borough they lived in.”

He added that Stratford had a “‘very articulate” electorate and Lewisham had “immigration and housing problems”.

My tuppence;

Course it does, since 1945 the political turds have embarked on a policy of shipping em in and stocking em high…  for the love of God, we either have devious little bastards running amok in Our National Destiny or worst, the no-goo, do-nothings that rather plod along throwing out the odd complaint until pension day.

Unsurprisingly, we only find out what he thinks of his past electorate when he is sitting in the Lords.

Turncoats the lot of em.  As for Lewisham, he doesn’t explain.

Yes there has been, and continues to be, high immigration into the area from the WORLD, although Africa seems to be a contender for the top place of origin, thus of course there would be overcrowding in the 3 square miles that Lewisham is.  So lo and behold, a heck of a lof of concrete was needed although the Council did manage to save a 60ft patch of green (next to the DLR and bus stops – very pleasant in the summer for the drunks at least).


Stating that Lewisham doesn’t have an identity is a barefaced lie.  It just so happens to be foreign.  Like most of Southwark, Hackney and many other boroughs ruined by the tosspots-that-be with their plan to subvert Britain.  After inviting the world to plant entire communities in Blighty, surely even the blind would have been inclined to think that this would be the possible result.  Those with a basic understanding of maths should be able to compute the need for more concrete for more flats for more people.

The idiocy displayed by some of our Lords, men who are supposed to have been elevated due to superior intellect and abilities, is too damn embarrassing.  Not content with honouring Johnny Foreigner to the ball, our own kin are sourced for the prestigious title from the Nation’s gutter world of parliament.

God help us, for we need some divine intervention if our protectors are made up of ‘men’ with scruples like Lord Maples.




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