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2 02 2011

I don’t usually mind spammers.  To be honest, who can blame any ‘business’ trying to increase their market share in this day and age of digital prowess.  But for several days now, this blog has received spams that contain not only illicit but depravity-engrained named links, such as ‘liolta’ this, ‘underage’ that…  I mean for the love of Christ, what the fuckity fuck is going on???

Click to enlarge

I’ve only captured the one screen because I didn’t fancy having to censor a whole load of them.  So in the interests of perhaps saving some time for the spammers and the few seconds it takes me to clear the offending comments, will you please desist.  You will not breach onto the boards no matter how persistent you are.



4 responses

2 02 2011

You should enable ‘review comments before publishing’ mate – spamming will slope off and eventually become rare.

2 02 2011
Jack'd Ripp'd

Many thanks. I’ve changed the settings so now all comments will need approving although I’m grateful I don’t attract that many. This has always been a sounding off board more than anything else.

5 02 2011

I hate trolls & spammers! My comment thingy does away with them, and I can moderate after the fact. Now, I get to see them, but they aren’t published.

31 05 2011

i hade this complain also now on wordpress when you once report them spam then they always go on spam if reported once or twice so when rew then you can spam them and once they hit the copy of wordpress then they will always be in spam any where they post comment or there link

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